Area Attractions
Elko is a Community Rich in History and Laced with Character 

Sherman Station

1405 Idaho Street
9 am-5 pm Monday - Friday
A good place to start is the Elko Area Chamber of Commerce located in the historic Sherman Station.  This complex of ranch buildings was moved by the Chamber from a location 60 miles south of Elko.  The complex includes a large log home that is over 110 years old, a school house, creamery building, blacksmith shop and barn.  The Chamber also serves as a Visitor Center.  The staff is knowledeable about the area, events, and businesses in Elko County.  

Northeastern nevada museum

1515 Idaho Street
9 am- 5pm Tuesday - Saturday
1 pm- 5pm  Sunday

Features exhibits on natural and regional history of northeastern Nevada. Including mining, ranching, firearms, the California Trail, railroads, and the lifestyle and basketry of the Paiute and Shoshone Indians.

The Wanamaker Wildlife Exhibit was added to the museum in 1999.  The Wanamaker Wildlife Wing contains Nevada’s largest collection of wild animals from around the world. A majority of the collection which was donated by Jack and Francis and are exhibited in a natural setting. Approximately 300 animals are on exhibit. This exhibit includes Nevada Mountain which is covered with animals all native to Nevada and the Great Basin. There are also animals set from Africa, the Arctic, Australia, Asia, and all over North America.  The Wanamaker collection is a source of pride for the community and many people’s only chance to see some very interesting creatures.

Outdoor displays include an 1860s Pony Express cabin and stagecoach. In the 18,000-square-foot Wanamaker Wing there are more than 200 full-size, mounted animals from the all over the world, all shown in their natural environment. The art gallery features portfolios by Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, permanent art displays, Western art and rotating installations. Check out the museum store for unique Nevada gifts made by local artists. They also have extensive research and photo archives available to the public.

California trail interpretive center

​1 Interpretive Center Way
Hunter Exit 292
​The mission of the California Trail Center is to interpret the California Trail experience, its related themes, and provide educational and cultural enrichment to the general public. Through interpretation the Trail Center will contribute to the appreciation and preservation of historic and cultural sites and, by forging strong community partnerships, and enhance sustainable tourism in the region.

Western Folklife Center

501 Railroad Street  
 Located in the historic Pioneer Hotel, the Western Folklife Center is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the traditional cultures of the American West. Folklife Center activities include concerts and performances, exhibits, workshops, adult and youth educational programs, and the world renowned National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Exhibits at the Center include a newly produced state-of-the-art video presentation on cowboy music and raching culture.

 A regional nonprofit organization based in Elko, Nevada, the Western Folklife Center works to expand our understanding of ourselves and our neighbors by celebrating the everyday traditions of people who live and work in the American West.  

Since it was founded in 1980, the Western Folklife Center has helped raise public awareness of and support for the traditional, expressive culture of the American West. Though it is best known for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, the Folklife Center provides exhibitions, performances, and a full array of educational programs at its cultural center in Elko and in communities across the West. The Folklife Center also regularly produces national programming for public radio and television, and creates CDs and DVDs based on original fieldwork. In 2006, we introduced our podcast, Ranch Rhymes: Cowboy Poetry and Music from the Western Folklife Center. 

Parks and pools

Sage St. and Dotta Dr., Elko, 777-7261
Two tennis courts, large playground, picnic areas, and plenty of parking are available.

Picnic tables and barbecue pits, playground, basketball courts, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, junior football field, softball field, and several ballparks. 

Located on the north side of the swimming pool, the Johnny Appleseed Park is a great structure of fun for children of all ages.  The park offers swings, slides, towers to climb and even a climbing wall.

Picnic areas and soccer field with bleachers.

Hosts an old engine and caboose from the Western Pacific Railroad , a play area, benches, and picnic tables.

Covered picnic area, restrooms, playground and seven soccer fields.

Tennis courts, covered picnic areas, soccer field, basketball court and softball field.

The park features a mini flat top hill, beams, jumps, a pyramid and shallow bowl.

Elko Municipal Swimming Pool
College Avenue and 14th Street
For current hours contact: 775.777.7299

Hosts a nature path, water feature, organic garden area and quiet place to walk and meditate.   


The five major games played today are slot machines, craps, twenty-one, roulette and keno.  While at an area casino take time to enjoy live entertainment and quality restaurants.  

recreation areas

South Fork State Reservoir is located by traveling 7 miles south of Elko on State Route 227, 5.5 miles south on State Route 228, and 3.5 miles southwest on Lower South Ford Road.  The South Fork of the Humboldt River is a main tributary to the Humboldt River drainage basin and originates along the west slope of the Ruby Mountains, approximately 40 miles south of Elko. The basic premise of South Fork Reservoir is storage of excess flows of the Upper Humboldt Drainage system to provide a recreational reservoir for water based recreation.
775.744.4346 or

Wild Horse is located on the northild Horse Reservoir, 67 miles north of Elko on State Route 225
The countryside around Wild Horse is a treeless high and cold desert. The flora and fauna are typical of the Great Basin. Fishing is the most popular activity at Wild Horse.
775.385.5939 or

50 miles east on I-80 to Wells, 12 miles on Angel Lake Rd.
26 camping sites
775.752.3357 or 877.444.6777

scenic tours

Highlights a four-stop, self-guided auto tour. The geology interpretive exhibits lead travelers past meadows bursting with wildflowers, abundant wildlife, waterfalls and avalanche chutes. Great hiking trails lead adventurers to pristine lakes and hidden beauty.

The Town of Lamoille
Lamoille Hwy. Lamoille, NV
This small picturesque community is nestled at the foot of the Ruby Mountains. The beautiful town park is located in the heart of the Lamoille and sits at the edge of a small creek in a shady grove. This peaceful community is an Elko County favorite

ghost towns and quaint places

The town of Jarbidge became a boomtown overnight when gold was discovered in 1908. The last stagecoach robbery in the West happened in Jarbidge in 1916. The small isolated community is known for its high-spirited residents who reside within the picturesque, steep canyon. This area, located near the Idaho border, is among the country's last unspoiled wilderness areas with towering mountain peaks, lakes and rippling streams. 
Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, biking and horseback riding. Primitive campsites near the town are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Services in the town include two bed and breakfast establishments, a small store, a gas station and a saloon. 
To reach Jarbidge, drive north from Elko on Mountain City Highway (State Route 225) for 55 miles until you reach the Charleston turn off. From there you will drive another 47 miles northeast to Jarbidge on narrow county roads. Alternately, drive east on I-80, take the Deeth exit and travel north. During winter months the route through Rogerson, Idaho is always open. 

Located 35 miles south of Elko on State highway 228, Jiggs became a supply center for local ranches from the 1870s until 1925.

Located 14 miles northwest of Wells, the New York based Pacific Reclamation Company built the town in 1911 as a farming promotional scheme.

The town of Midas is a remote old mining town located 60 miles northwest of Elko off State Route 789. In recent years the Midas mining district has yielded new opportunities in mining and employment.  The town of Midas is thriving today.

Located 54 miles northwest of Elko off State route 226, this was one of the county's most important gold and silver mining towns.  Tuscarora today houses an artist community with a pottery gallery and pottery classes available.